Another Party

Seriously, I have had a Birth-Week! It’s been amazing. Here are some highlights from one party!

Forever 21 Sweatshirt

I think I just blown out my candles that were on my home made ice cream! Yeah baby!

Steve Madden Boots

These are my new boots! Woo hoo! Finally got them!

Style A to Zoe

I have not put this book down! It’s Style A to Zoe. OK, so I have, but only because I was forced to. I’m for sure going to be doing a review on this book. I’m loving it!

Southern Living Christmas Cookbook

My sister-in-law and I both got this Southern Living Christmas book ! Yea! It’s got a bunch of recipes and decoration ideas in it! It’s so fun.

Steve Madden

What a wonderful time with family!

PS: This is my Forever 21 Sweatshirt I was telling you about. It’s pretty great. You’ll see it again in color soon, I’m sure.