A No Sugar Summer Drink Recipe

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m trying to stay away from sugar. For lots of reasons, but the main one being it’s just no good for you. So the other day I was walking around the kitchen because I wanted something. Just something. Usually I’d go for some dove chocolates, but they’re not even in the house anymore and I wanted something a little more fruity. Since we had raspberries in the house, I thought up a fun drink and it totally made me so happy!

Sugar Free Natural Summer Drink

Here’s what you need:
1: Some Raspberries (or blackberries or strawberries or a few orange slices!)
2: Zevia Soda—I used Lemon-Lime  (they use Stevia instead of sugar!)
3: Ice Ice Baby.
4: A few sprigs of Mint (if you’re feeling sassy)

Zevia Soda with RaspberriesInstructions:
1: Crush half the raspberries at the bottom of a glass.
2: Add Zevia soda.
3: Top off with ice, whole raspberries and some mint.
4: Dance around the house as you enjoy!

Refreshing Sugar Free Summer Drink

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