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For those of you who didn’t see, I did Awkward and Awesome’s on Sydneys site yesterday. It was Awesome! Well, one of my awkwards was:

Being at church and the pastor tells you to shake hands with the people next to you, so you extend your hand and the guy on the left turns around and has a hook.

I had a few people ask about it and thought I’d tell you the full story. It actually didn’t happen to me, but my sister.

Here’s a little back story, which makes this even better. So, she was in college and was part of a traveling singing group. It was a Baptist college, so they would travel to churches around Missouri and perform. So, most of the places she went, people would say, “Oh, thank you so much for coming!” To which she would always reply, “Thank you for having us.”

OK, so cut to that Sunday morning when we’re in church and our pastor (who always tells us to say something different to the people around us to kind of break the ice) tells us to tell our neighbor, “Thank you for coming!” So This guy turns around and has some sort of hook apparatus instead of a hand. No big deal, but it totally caught my sister by surprise. Well, he just reached his left hand out  and shook her hand that way. Smooth move Mr! So, then he says, “Thank you for coming!”

Well, my sister has been traveling so much and is used to being in other churches that she starts her “Thank you for have…” She realized she was saying the wrong thing and she didn’t know how to recover so she just stopped talking and turned around.

So, “Thank you for have” is of course one of those things we still all say.

PS: Last night I completely and utterly fell in mad love with this watch. Any ideas how I can pay for it?