2011 Spring Trend: Flared Jeans

January 19, 2011

Something So wonderful is happening. Skinny Jeans are no longer the only cool denim to wear!! Yea! Check out these looks straight from the runway (Derek Lam and Adam).

derek lam flared jeans

derek lam flared jeans

ADAM flared pants

I found these images on The Sartorialist in November.

The Sartorialist Flared Jeans

The Sartorialist Wide Leg Jeans

What I’m seeing is that these jeans are not meant to be long, comfy, boyfriend jeans. Rather they are to be used as trousers. They should fit your tushie and the top of your leg pretty well, and then flare from there. I’ll wear them with chunky high heels although the skinny heels in the picture above are making me rethink the possibilities.

Here are some jeans that I’ve found that are more in my price range. I already have one pair from Gap and I plan to get more.

Light Trouser Jeans

Banana Republic Trouser Jean | Gap Light Trouser Jean

  • http://required2beinspired.blogspot.com Natasha

    I absolutely love trouser jeans! I will say that skinnies are a lot easier to wear in the winter though because they tuck perfectly into boots, and the hems don’t get soaked from the snow. I have worn my flared jeans a few times this winter though, and love the silhouette they give!

  • http://honeysweet-ness.blogspot.com Katie H.

    looks like the 70’s are back…. AGAIN!
    I share your joy about the flared jeans. :)

  • http://lindzlarubia.blogspot.com Lindz

    So glad I didn’t get rid of them. Just hope skinnies don’t go out too quickly, I have some really nice pairs now.

  • http://www.adventuresofthelilchef.blogspot.com Nicole

    I like trouser jeans for work. I have a few that I wear in diff washes. Mine are not as high wasted as some of the ones shown. I think chunky heels or the skinny heels would be great as well.

  • http://imhere-lindseyrhodes.blogspot.com Lindsey Rhodes

    Seriously digging those dark trouser jeans from gap- sooo classic! I always hope skinny jeans don’t go out of style too quickly! I just recently hopped on that bandwagon. ( I used to think MY tushie was too big for them! Clearly mistaken.)

    Thanks for the news on demin and the tips on Gap! :)


  • http://www.ashlemieux.blogspot.com AshLemieux

    i am honestly IN LOVE with these pants!!!

  • http://travelingbabygnome.blogspot.com HeidiG

    I just read something about high waisted jeans. What do you think about those? Some of these seem to be more high waisted.

  • http://rosealamode.com Linda

    I’m not totally into the high waist, but my husband likes them, so I’m sure I’ll get a pair. But It’ll have to be the right pair. I see nothing attractive in the comeback of the old “mom” jeans that make your butt look like it goes up to the middle of your back. Why would we want our butts to look bigger?

  • tracy fasnacht

    I love the flared jean for sure, glad its coming back but I sure hope the skinny jean plans on sticking around!!!

  • http://dressingmommy.blogspot.com Kelly

    Finally! These are my favorite style – so glad they are back!

  • tracy fasnacht

    I also love the blue suit the blonde is wearing….what fabric is that? Denim?

  • http://makeupmagpie.blogspot.com Shannon

    Yay, I’m sooo happy to see these return. I never got rid of my old boot-cut and slightly flared jeans. Now I won’t have to feel out-of-style when I wear them anymore! Skinny jeans can be nice, but were never my favorite.

  • michelle

    for super affordable and trendy check out LC’s Wide-Leg Trouser Jeans at Kohl’s . . . http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/womens/jeans1/trouser/PRD~735441/LC+Lauren+Conrad+WideLeg+Trouser+Jeans.jsp . . . and they look so much better in person.

  • http://littlebitofray.blogspot.com Rachel

    Yea! Fantabulous! I love Flare jeans. I love the ’70’s! I can’t wait to pull out the clothes my mom gave me I held onto. Oh and Linda, you’re just not looking at the jeans right; these beauts are flattering to most body types b/c they flare out. Mom jeans are tapered and make you look like a pear on top of an egg. Go to youtube and look up mom jeans SNL and you’ll see the difference.

  • http://heidiluxe.blogspot.com heidi

    i distinctly remember those picture from the sartorialist and i made a mental note to wear my wide leg jeans more. i’m really excited for springs and this look. i love platform shoes and a bell leg. me and marcia brady go WAY back. to like 1995.

  • http://nuhasofiyan.blogspot.com Nuha

    FINALLY! This body is not skinny jean friendly…I’ve had a pair of wide leg jeans for 2 years now and I am in desperate need for another 10. Love ‘em, can’t wait!

  • http://www.waytoomuchaubrey.blogspot.com Aubrey Anne

    Hooray! My mom always said bellbottoms would come back ;) Skinny jeans just don’t flatter very many people, so I’m excited about this news!!

    btw, Nice to meet you. I’m Aubrey! Found you at the Daybook

  • http://www.aprettypennyblog.com Keira

    I love the waist on the Gap version! I’m glad that flares are coming back with higher rises, instead of the thong-bearing-muffin-top atrocities that Britney made famous.

  • http://www.locaporturopa.com loca por tu ropa

    I love those trousers!!
    XOXO from Madrid!

  • Liz

    I am so very happy that flares are back! I’ll have to stock up before they fall out of favour again =P

  • http://www.thestylishhousewife.com jenn~the stylish housewife

    thank goodness…flares are so much more flattering on me that skinny jeans, but now i have like five pair (of course)! although in these, my bootay may look a little long with the high waist…ha ha!

  • http://mynameisnotking.blogspot.com isabellakiss

    love this trend. SO comfy.

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