2011 Spring Trend: Flared Jeans

Something So wonderful is happening. Skinny Jeans are no longer the only cool denim to wear!! Yea! Check out these looks straight from the runway (Derek Lam and Adam).

derek lam flared jeans

derek lam flared jeans

ADAM flared pants

I found these images on The Sartorialist in November.

The Sartorialist Flared Jeans

The Sartorialist Wide Leg Jeans

What I’m seeing is that these jeans are not meant to be long, comfy, boyfriend jeans. Rather they are to be used as trousers. They should fit your tushie and the top of your leg pretty well, and then flare from there. I’ll wear them with chunky high heels although the skinny heels in the picture above are making me rethink the possibilities.

Here are some jeans that I’ve found that are more in my price range. I already have one pair from Gap and I plan to get more.

Light Trouser Jeans

Banana Republic Trouser Jean | Gap Light Trouser Jean